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Well, I love this idea that our Jorie has come up with! And I have been on the hunt for charities to list that aren't already included in the interests in the user-info.

Here is the list:

Ronald McDonald House
Hope for the HUngry (I have done volunteer work for them locally and seen the wonderful things they do to help people in need here in the US)

United Way

Volunteers of America

Project Night Night

And I found a whole slew of Crafty-type charities in this article I have not gone through and checked all of the links, though.

Bottles of Hope http://
Circles of Hope
Angel Hugs
Angels for Hope
Childlife International
Crafting from the Heart
TLC for Angels
Nana's Angels
Operation Toasty-toes (this one sends things to our military people serving overseas)
Sew for the Cure
Heartmade Blessings
Teddies for Tragedies
Guideposts Sweater Project
ABC Quilts Projects
Afghans for Angels (this one is for giving blankets to parents who have lost a child through miscarriage, stillbirth, or infant death. I had a nephew that was stillborn so this one jumped out at me. How much it might have helped my sister0in-law to have had something tangible to hold onto after Logan was gone. I only wish that I could sew or knit. I would be making them for this charity all year long)
Binky Patrol
Crochet Hats for the Homeless
Hugs for Homeless Animals
Newborns in Need, Inc
Precious Pals
Project Warm Fuzzies
Quilts from Caring Hands
Victoria's Quilts
Warming Families
Bears and Blankets
Heavenly Angels in Need
Artists Helping Children

Okay, now I am exhausted again! lol Hope this helps!

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Thanks Cheri!

Also, I need to pimp the Victory Junction Gang Camp again...

It's a camp for critically ill children and they need afghans, quilts, and teddy bears. See the website for more info.