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Here is what I have come up with regarding my last post.

Please please let me know what you think.

1. Everyone e-mail me recipes. I think the ideal would be something like 10 side dishes, 10 main courses, 10 desserts, something like that. Or we could do a holiday cookie book, a holiday dessert book, whatever.

2. Someone e-mail me a cover with a title. Or there could be multiple covers.

3. I will undertake the task of trying to sell the cookbooks for sure. Since all information will be sent via e-mail or this here lj post, all of you could print copies and try to sell them as well.

4. We will all determine costs for the books.

5. Charities will be chosen where the funds will be donated. Each person will report how many books they sold and when they have donated the money.

All that you have to do, really, to participate in this project is to send me a recipe or 2.

Does this sound good to anybody? I have scoured several charity sites but it seems that what is needed more than goods is just plain money, at least for people who are of a cooking age.

With us all selling books, there will not be any concerns about dishonesty with money, and as for sending funds where they're supposed to go...well...I guess we can't be 100% sure, but if you go to all that trouble just to make a few dollars for yourself...pht. Whatever.

If anyone has any way to improve upon this idea, by all means let me know. I am just tossing ideas out there hoping someone will bite and run with it!
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