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Every year, when Thanksgiving comes around, there is immense pressure to give some nameless amount to charity. There are the food drives, the turkey donations, the Salvation Army money gatherers in front of stores. I don't know about you, but I always feel horrible around the holidays as I slip a dollar or two into a Salvation Army collection can on my way to drop ten packages of gifts into my car. And people need help beyond Thanksgiving, beyond Christmas. So this year, I want to start early, and I want to give a gift to you all as well. I want us all to do as much as we can, but I want to track it here. This is not a competition. This is a group effort. Starting tomorrow (Halloween) and lasting until January 1, 2006, I want you to post every time you do something in tens.

The ten can be anything. If you volunteer, post here every time you have worked for ten hours. If you are a crafter and you want to give ten afghans at a time to a every time you do that. Go to a website where a click means a donation, and post every ten days that you do that. If you make a care package with $10 worth of items, post here.

On January 1, we will look through all of the posts and see how much we have all done to help better our world. Ideally, of course, this will continue year-round, but at the least we will start a new year with the knowledge that we participated, in a large group, in an effort to better our world, our community, our state, our nation, what ever and whom ever you help.

I cannot stress enough that this is not a competition but rather a team effort. If someone is able to give more than you, don't sweat it, but rather cheer that person on. This is not about who gives the most money or who sends the most care packages. it is about us forming a community here and accentuating the good that we all are capable of. As we need suggestions or support, I hope we can come here to share. But mainly, I want the posts to be reports of what you have done so that it's easy to track at the end of each time segment.

If you have any questions or comments or suggestions, please post them here. I would like to add more to our "interests" so that we are more likely to catch people who would want to help, so if you have ideas for that, let me know as well.

I am really looking forward to working with you all to try to make a difference this holiday season and beyond.
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