Ladybutt (joriejc2) wrote in ten_plus,

A prestigious appointment

Ladies and um well for now, ladies...

I am happy to announce that our own sweet Cheri is going to be our official "charity sniffer." I have asked her to keep us updated on charities that would need our help. I'd really like to see not only a lot of hours, but also a variety of organizations or groups or what have you that need assistance.

One of the groups I found a long time ago is called Afghans for Afghans. Despite the name, they also send over hats, mittens, and things like that. I like the fact that they ask for items as opposed to money to buy items. They give guidelines as to what not to put on things being donated to a Muslim country, which i also think is high class. Currently the next deadline for materials is sometime during the first quarter of 2006. You can be put on an e-mail list to be kept updated on when the next deadline will be.

Peace love and harmony, ten at a time.
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